Ранее в прошлом месяце изображения кроссовок adidas Yung 1, начали появляться на просторах интернета, хвастаясь своим Falcon Dorf верхом силуэт adidas конца 90-х, потрясающе смотрится с недавно обновленной подошвой. Сегодня старший директор concept Adidas originals, Till Jagla, поделился в своём Instagram, новым изображением и предоставил немного информации об их истории.

«Самое интересное для меня было то, что вся обувь, которую бренд создал в конце 90-х, и в начале 000-х годов, представляет коллективную память для молодого (чем я, рожденного в 1980 году) поколения кроссовок. Таким образом, это означает, что эти своеобразные причудливые кроссовки — это больше, чем тенденция. Этот мир является архивом для целого поколения», — говорит Jagla в духе конца 90-х годов.

Официальные детали о дате релиза и цене, все еще находятся на рассмотрении.

The Return of the Falcon Dorf aka Yung1 leaked couple weeks ago already and last week the first shoes were spotted on foot during the influential Fashion Week in Paris. Since then I have received countless DM's with Q's about the shoe, the name and the release date. Reason enough to write up some more background information behind the project. First, where does that shoe come from and what is the name all about? Well, in the mid 90's adidas have been quite experimental in terms of proportions. Always aiming for the best performance products and most thought through designs, backed up by technology/ innovation. adidas created dope shoes. One of those was born in 1997. Back then the adidas Running team struggled to find a suitable name for that new model. Their daily routine also included a run through the German forest and Franconian villages. Every day the international running team passed a small village close to Herzogenaurach, where adidas is based, called "Falkendorf". The team decided to take that name for their new Running shoe. After internationalizing the spelling, the "Falcon Dorf" was born! Nowadays I think the shoe has never looked so fresh and felt so right to celebrate the bring back soon. The most interesting learning for me was that all the shoes the brand has created in the late 90's / early 000's represent the collective memory for the younger (than me, born in 1980) generation of sneaker heads. So this means these kinda quirky shoes is way more than a trend. This world is the archive for an entire generation. Of course we can't ignore the fact that the fashion world picked it up first and influenced a certain look. Especially Raf Simons spearheaded that chunky, clunky, 90's Tech Look by creating his first Ozweegos couple seasons ago. I am happy and proud to work for adidas to be able to pay homage to this special era of the brand. These projects prove that adidas has such a rich history to offer. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. #Yung1 #Falcon #FalconDorf #teamadidas

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